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The Galleria supports the de Havilland Comet's 70th Anniversary

July 2019 is the 70th Anniversary of the De Havilland Comet inaugural flight, designed by Sir Geoffrey de Havilland and built in Hatfield. It was the first ever jetliner to go into commercial service beating the Boing 707 by 6 years. This anniversary serves as a timely reminder to the importance it had with the development of international air travel and the impact on resurrecting the economy at the time just after WW2 which left the United Kingdom with a depleted population and economy.

Designed and built in Hatfield the Comet’s sleek, smooth lines were especially aesthetic with the four jet turbine engines set into the base of the wings near to the fuselage. This gave excellent stability and doubled the speed of any commercial aircraft at the time with half the noise of the equivalent piston engine propelled aircraft. The Comet would fly higher than 30,000 feet above most weather conditions and air turbulence where the air is thinner enabling the engines to run more efficiently.

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the flight of the Comet various businesses and groups have organised talks, exhibitions and sporting events which will be held across Hatfield.

The Galleria and Potential Kids have organised a Partner's exhibition in the centre from the 20th to 28th July. The exhibition will include photos of the Comet, paintings by local artist and fantastic hand made models of planes which local school children have been busy making. 

During the week children can also take part in a Scavenger Hunt in The Galleria. All they need to do is pick up an Activity Booklet from the exhibition area and search for the planes hidden in some of the stores. Then once they have found all the planes they must fill in their details on the activity booklet and post it in the special box. The prize draw will take place on Saturday 27th July and the winner will be notified by telephone. Good Luck!

Click here to find out more information on the weeks events