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De Havilland Card Upgrade

Why your De Havilland card needs upgrading and how will it be done:

A De Havilland card upgrade in necessary in order for the card to become compatible with our new car parking payment machines (enabling your discounted week day parking rate). 

*Please visit the customer service desk with your De Havilland card, where we will swiftly sort your card upgrade* 

How the new car parking scheme works for De Havilland card holders redeeming their discounted '£2 all day' Mon - Fri parking rate:

  • no tickets will be required, just your car registration number
  • when leaving the mall visit one of the new mall based payment machines
  • the machine will ask for your car registration number - enter it
  • the machine will then present on screen the standard parking fee for your parking duration, at this point you will be prompted and can scan your upgraded De Havilland card at the machine 
  • once scanned, your discounted '£2 all day' rate will over ride the original fee shown on screen, pay the £2 fee (the new machines will accept coins, cash or card)

*Please note that your current De Havilland card will not be compatible with the new machines until the above instructed card upgrade has been performed*

How the new car parking scheme works for standard weekend parking:

No tickets are required, you’ll just need to remember your registration number and pay either:

  • at the new, mall based, payment machines (accepting coins, cash or card)
  • OR online at up to 24 hours after leaving
  • OR sign up at for a Flexi-park account enabling you to drive in, drive out and automatically debit your account