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Where in the world is Murray now?!

Murray is now visiting South America! Murray is learing lots of amazing new facts all about South America that he’s burtsing to share with you so he’s created some fun-filled activity sheets for you.

Download Murray's South America Activity & Facts sheets here!

Under 7's activity sheet

Over 7's activity sheet

When is Murray next at The Galleria?

Murray himself often visits Get Wild! to say hi to all his Little Explorers so keep an eye on this page for dates and times of Murrays next Get Wild! visit as it will be announced here in advance!

Murray's next visit is: Saturday 22nd July and Sunday 23rd July.

Murray's activity sheets are always ready and waiting for Murray's Little Explorers at Get Wild!

Where in the world is Murray travelling to next?

Murray will be learning all about South America for a little while yet but he has already picked his next destination! Take a sneaky look in your passport and see if you can guess where that might be. We'll give you a cryptic clue...Murray's next destination is the opposite of his current one!

As soon as Murray gets to his new destination we'll email you his news and new activity sheets :)

Murrays previous travels

Just in case you miss any of Murrays trips, he will log all his previous destinations and activity sheets here for you :)

In May/June 2017 Murray visited Africa:

Africa Under 7's activity sheet

Africa Over 7's activity sheet