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The Little Explorer Club Members World!

What is Murray up to now?!

Murray is learning about Diwali, where it came from and how different parts of the world celebrate it.  His new fact sheet can teach you some of the facts he's discovered and sets you a fun challenge.  Pick the latest worksheet up at Get Wild! or download one below, complete it and hand to the Get Wild team to be in with the chance to win this months prize (1 x FREE GW visit!)

November Activity sheet. Dowload here :)

November Activity sheet 2. Download here :)

When is Murray next at The Galleria?

Murray's back this weekend - 1st & 2nd December with a new festive challenge just in time for Christmas! Complete his challenge and hand it back to the Get Wild! team for your chance to win prizes! (see GW! team for full details)

Murrays planning to visit during half term too so watch this space for more dates very soon....

Murrays previous travels

Just in case you miss any of Murrays trips, he will log all his previous destinations and activity sheets here for you :)

In June/July 2017 Murray visited Africa:

Africa Under 7's activity sheet

Africa Over 7's activity sheet

In August/September 2017 Murray visited South America:

South America Under 7's activity sheet

South America Over 7's activity sheet

In September/October 2017 Murray visited North America:

North America's Under 7's activity sheet

North America's Over 7's activity sheet

In November/December Murray visited Asia

Asia's Under 7's activity sheet

Asia's Over 7's activity sheet

In January/February Murray visited the Arctic:

Murrays Arctic under 7's activity sheet

Murrays Arctic Over 7's activity sheet