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FAQ's Car Park

How do I pay?

The fee can be paid at any one of the multifunction pay machines. You must enter your licence plate number on the touchscreen monitor of the pay station. The fee is displayed on the screen. You then have the option to pay either with cash or card. Cash customers receive change in notes and/or coins.

The customer can exercise the option of receiving a paper receipt by pressing a button. This will trigger the receipt printing.

Where's my ticket?

This is a ticketless parking system which uses advanced number plate recognition technology to manage the parking in this car park.

Where can I pay if the main centre is closed?

If you have been to the cinema or a restaurant and the centre is locked, you can pay at the pay machines located near McDonalds or beside Pizza Express.

What if I can't remember my number plate?

If a driver who needs to pay a fee for parking does not know their car number plate, we suggest you return to your vehicle, make a note of it or take a photo of it on your phone and then return to the pay machine.

I have a Privilege Card how can I use it to get my £2.00 parking?

Firstly you will need to take your Privilege Card to Customer Services to get updated. Once it's been updated and you are ready to leave site, at a pay machine prior to paying select Voucher then scan your card. The amount due will change to £2.00.

Where are the pay stations?

You can find the pay stations at the McDonald's entrance, along the link bridge near Pizza Express, next to O2 Store, and near Choice.

Are they any pay stations outside of the centre?

There are no external pay stations all pay stations are in the centre.

Do I have to pay for parking if I visit McDonalds or Burger King drive thru?

ALL DRIVE THRU CUSTOMERS - will have a 25 minutes maximum before standard parking charges apply.

Is there free parking for Disabled users?

To qualify for free parking please take your disabled badge along with a note of your registration details to the customer service desk located on the upper mall where your details will be recorded. You will only have to do this on your first visit to the Galleria as long as you use the same vehicle. This will give you free parking for up to 3 hours, after this the usual charges will apply.

What are the Height Restrictions in the Car Park?

The height restriction for the outdoor car park is 2.1m and for the multi storey car park is 1.98m

Motorcycle Parking

Parking areas for motorcycles are located at the North End of the centre. There is no charge for parking if you visit the centre on a motorcycle.